Azimuth Mastering

Azimuth Mastering is a New Jersey based studio that provides high-quality mastering services for CD, vinyl, and digital/streaming relases for independent musicians with a quick turnaround time at affordable prices. Azimuth is run by Bill Henderson, an independent songwriter who has been creating recordings from his own studio since 1998. To date, there have been 3,948 albums and 22,780 songs mastered at Azimuth!

Scheduling/Turnaround Time

The vast majority of masters can be completed within 48 hours of receipt of the songs. In many cases, you can get your mastered songs back online the same day. We can always discuss specific time frames if you have special needs for your CD. There's never a wait list to get your album into the mastering queue either, it can always be started as soon as you can send it! Please see the FAQ for more info.

Mastering Prices

Current standard rates:

Prices reflect delivery of digital masters in a typical mastering job (which includes raising/standardizing volume, EQ, compression, track sequencing, standard fade ins/fade outs). If your recording has other special requirements on a track-by-track basis (Noise Reduction, Samples, etc), an hourly rate for "detail" work can be negotiated to fit your needs.
Physical master CDs and DDP images are also available, with more details here.


Azimuth also provides song and album mixing services with an outstanding turnaround time. Mixing prices will vary depending on the number of songs being mixed as well as the number of recorded tracks per song, and other special requests you might have. There is also typically a discount in the mastering price if you're looking for both a mix & master. If you're interested in getting a specific quote for mixing, click here.

Audio Samples of Azimuth's Work

If you're curious to hear how much better your mixes can sound, just check out the "before and after" MP3 samples in the menu on the right side of the page. Azimuth would also be happy to create a sample master of one of your own tracks for you, completely free of charge. Just send an email!