Slipping - Pulling at the Thread Matthew LeFevers - Traces Dilettantes  - Everything is Not Beautiful EP Clayton Duffy - Loser Ben Macarell - A Musician\'s Guide To The Friend Zone Horn Of The Anvil - Unceasingly Onward Vinyl Feed Lemon - We Wish You a Merry Christmas Faded Ronin  - High Samurai, Vol. 2 Collette Astle - Collette Astle Yung Mr. - Bow Tie Killa Blue Vines - Shadowbox Champion Feed Lemon - Feed Lemon Mons La Hire - Heavy Light Pollution Dustin Isenberg - The Healing Space VOL 1 Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects - The Keeper Of The Kings Conscience Arthur Lee - Music For Getting Lost Vol. 1 Ricky Butcher - F---: The Album Sweater Puppies - Sweater Puppies hybridforms - Optimistic Sludge Green Arthur Lee - New Moon Housewarming Party - Baby Teeth Mons La Hire - Lucky to Be Alive This Glass Embrace - Belong Here Telyscopes - Mata Mata Alonzo Cartier - ...le$$ taLk, MORE SMOKE 2 KOLOS - Grooveyard The Sonoras - El Baile de Silencio Telyscopes - Perfume Murmur - The Boundless Black Cooli Blaze - Time Spent Telyscopes - Close Types Mons La Hire - Kind of Neutral, Kind of Blue Cedar Park - Fake Matter Drilling for Blasting - Fingers Are The Best Eyes Dear Boys - Like a Letter The World Between - Typecaste - Creature of Habit Hot Dad Calendar - Camp Cold Lake Sportscourt - Keep Warm Denouement - Late Night Test Drive Telyscopes - The Hobbyist Brain Candle - Ocean of Storms Maddie\'s Changed - Brighter Than Ever Wicked Bears - Tuning Out Slow Reader - Slow Reader - EP Cedar Park - Counterfeit The Hearsay - Warning Signs BOOks - Purple Mountains The Desperation - EIGHTFIVENINETYSEVEN Rough Spring - Rough Spring Ghost Mother - O\'ER HELL Summer Legs - We Don\'t Talk At All Everyday Evils - Looks Like You\'ve Led the Horse to Water 20ooo - Emotional Lady Bayside / Say Anything - Split 7 Jake Bellissimo - The Good We\'ve Sewn Tonya Harding - Punk is Dad Hammer switch - Unchained PALS - Stay//Leave Oliver Houston - Whatever Works DANAFOX - Telyscopes - 3X3 (Little Square Boxes) RELENT - COMING OF AGE Helcaraxë - The Last Battle DeeCracks - Totally Cracked! (vinyl release) Hymn - Mouth Suffer Through - Social Internment Tambor - Tambor Jonathan Hunsucker - Springfest Ribbonhead - Racing to the Bottom Wolfcloak, Dumal, Windfaerer - Highball Trio - Lose My Soul Owain - s/t Throwing Darts - Stone Age American Television - Reaction graver - fiver Black River Union - Walk the Earth Brevity  - No More Birthdays Falling Over - Clean Mon Freres Amigos - Evil Company MOUTH - MOUTH...again Lobby Boys - Changes Impromptu - The Mice Aren\'t the Only Thing Keeping Me Awake At Night Boy Rex - The Bloodmonths Joy Cyr  - I See Happiness Stay at Home, Dad - Split with Weller Daisy Diaz - Forever Nothing in Between - s/t EP The Brigantines - Winter Wave Dividers - Clockwork No Sleep Records - No Sleep till Christmas 7 Ranges - If I Were The Devil Annelids - Trails Rene Sanchez - Jesus Aural Burrows - Nonsense Verse Wild Trees - Overshadowed Rise - Final Resting Good Times - Mitch Bros Demo Every Moving Color - Solet Luna, So Long Sanity Cult of Crime - Bavarian Knives Terrorist - Post-Mortem Empire Coast - School Ghoul/Mom Jeans Short Fuse - Short Fuse Ribbonhead - Animals Black River Union - Silver Off the Vine Bedpan Fight - NACHO THUNDER Ownlife - Fuck This (I\'m Dying) Bodega Satellite - 3D Crawl Space - s/t LP Highbeams - Everything Aside The Menagerie - I Just Want To Be Happy Again Fairlane - WIRIS Perennial - Early Sounds For Night Owls EP Gutter Snipe - Pain From The Pines Charmer - Worst Best Birthday Ever Brick Top - Bored as Hell No Parole - E.P. Thief, Steal Me a Peach - Lanny Weathered - Alternative Translation The Wonder Years / Motion City Soundtrack - Split Clever Girl - Shelf Life D. Cole - You And I Me 3 - The Magic Number City of Iron - VoidSpeaker Queer Rocket - Home // Bodies When I\'m Older - Church Night Trip - Champagne(Spaced Out) Sarah Keyser - Inner Channels Black Flamingos - s/t EP Diet - Gogo General Collection - The Plan Edge of Jupiter - Planet of the Crossing young, planetary - dead letters Gold Chain Goldie - From Sh*t 2 Gold Big Brother - The Fates, The Graces, The Muses Ten Cent Days - Scratcher Danvers - Gallant, Side C Cheapshow - I Hope This Is A Sign That Things Are Going Well Jimi Cagney Experience - The Cagneys Play Pop Punk EP Neffy - Blindsided Colourblind. - Fine, Thankyou Gameface - Good (vinyl re-release) Ordinary Neighbors - Ordinary Neighbors x Small Hands split Lenclair - Honeyed Emergency Protocol - J.Z. LEEDS - Live At The Bitter End Ghost Mother - Deal Thought Patterns - Scapegoat Little Pants  - Oh My My! Sideline - Struggling To Adjust Skylines - Moving Forward Bike Tuff - Colorado Waster - Skrwd Archive - Demo 2015 Josh Warren - When I\'m Gone Walk The Wire - Daylight Not As Planned - Nothing Good Happens After Midnight Desolate x Create - Of Loving Ghosts and Frowning Angels D-Vious tha Villun - Play...Love...Hate The Cycle Looming - Nailbiter Hot Mulligan - Honest & Cunning Danger Friends - Zeros Yung Pacemaker - Golden Trail to Tomorrow - From The Outside, Looking In No Paradise - Demo 15 Gryscl - Limn Everything Living Dog - Scavenger Angels Ten Ton Hammer - Spring 2015 Crafter - Closer Curtains Danger Club - Double Shot SHEEP ENABLER - enable me Kenny Darms - Purpose of My Life Save Your Generation Records - What\'s The Score? Picture Ann - Nothing Comes Next Magnificent Birds of Prey - Kaleidoscope Kissing Booth - Never Settle Alien Boy - Never Getting Over It The A M - Second Guess Lee Ellis - Me And This Army Lines&Lies - All the Pictures of You with Arms Crossed Sons of Butcher - One Night in Bangkok Enabler - Fail to Feel Safe The DeFused - Almost Acoustic Wake - Return To Sender Crying - Patriot Endless Lament - Chronos Lost Coast - Beacon/Stain the Sunrise Stepbrothers - Why the Fuck Would Anything Nice Ever Happen? Sons of Butcher - Palm Loin Armigiana Knola - The Black Beach Greg McCruden - Afterburn Set Apart - Midnight Strengthen What Remains - Justice Creeps Slow We Were Giants - Hey, Isabelle Cold Grip - EP Telescopes as Time Machines - Quiet, World This Drama - Vive Siempre Picture Ann - Secret Noir Agent DOCtAKH - Unspoken Word Moon-Scene - Walk With The Sky The Color Exchange - Sparks Prayer Chain - Color by Number Sunburster - Submission Wildes Leben - Müde Augen EP Chris Farren - Where U Are Lifelink - Nothing Hop! 66 - Son of Zesty cranes are flying /&/ Subtitles - Split Tape Detached - Caught Ridgeway - Notes From The Underground Township - Everlong The Ukes Of Hazard - Mine to Creep Nam Le - All of This Sounds Boring Lenclair - Serocybis An Honest Mistake - Everything Lawnmower - Viewfinder - Totally Slow - Teaheads - TV Dinner Vol 2 Officer Roseland - Dynamite Rd. Kenny Darms - Everything About You Girl Finding Common Ground - The Time That\'s Passed Brass Palace Recordings - 50 Bands, 50 Weeks Founders - Tales From The Heart And Mind Olde Pine - The Jawns Dumb Luck - Tides This Nomad Heart - Which To Cross and Which To Burn Diet - Happy Ralph Good Thoughts - Bad Things Unturned - Acceptance Good Luck Spaceman - Come Here It\'s Quick Home Again - Acting Out Remo Drive - Wait for the Sun Royal Psalms - I Could Have Been Anything Holy Pinto - Phantom Limb AM( )RA - In Lieu Of Picture Ann - The Darkness Had Texture Telaride - You Can Play These Songs With Power Chords Latecomer - Latecomer (vinyl release) Viva Discordia - Stuck / In Exile We Were Giants - I Have Attention Deficit What Jimi Cagney Experience - FAN FICTION Bouquet - Life Is Beautiful/Nothing To Live For No Sleep Records - No Sleep till the Holidays 3 Brotherless - Brotherless EP Welter - Ghost Hits Side B Conheartist - Sheep Who Lie In Fur Telaride - Hourly Wage Word Travels Fast - Hard To Love Tiffany Mynon - My Christmas Song The A M - Summer Long EP Bike Tuff - Into Shore (vinyl) Ryse - s/t Reuther - Reuther Your Gentlemen - Youngblood Bear Fight - Round 2 Kenny Darms - Everything This Way to the Egress - Great Balancing Act The Once Was - Without Wings Noisy Ghost - Idea Machines Prayer Chain - When Your Head Falls New Found Glory - Snow Recycled Earth - Act of Devotion Mouth - s/t Somos / Have Mercy - Split Moon-Scene - To Dance With The Sun Zoo Books - Split w/ Water Polo Family Bike - Everything You Own Is Anagrammed Chris Farren - Like A Gift From God or Whatever A MARC Train Home - It\'s Easier To Make A Mess Lightning Arms - Seed & Sinew Bad Year - Taft Street Lume/Northerner/The Tiny Ugly Germs/Doktra - 4 Way Split Attributes - Reflection Of Me Columbus - Home Remedy KISKA - KISKA Welter - Ghost Hits Forgotten Generation - Mirrors Beneath the Marrow - From Hell myrrh myrrh - lonesome town Lower the Standard - Leave it at the Baggage Claim Cavy - The Country Roads Heavy Weight - Garden Various Artists - Shark Tank Sessions Weatherhead - s/t EP Autobiography of Man - Deceased Good Times / New Reality - At The Beach / In The Woods Ambitions - Surface to Air Centerfield - Vacation Brick Top - Fear Mint Vol. 1 Split Ghost Mother - The Luzhin Defense The Bollweevils - Attack Scene EP Hold Tight! - I Always Leave, But Never Say Goodbye Wooden HEZ - SPEW As Astronauts - Everything the Light Touches Webcam Teens - Separation Anxiety D\'Arcy - Body Our City Skyline - Empty and Hollow Matchaponix - Matchaponix Dumal - Piety and Iron This Machine - Ghost Love Eric Vincent - Across the Ocean Sandlot - Ask Me Nicely Offend You - Sleep Tight Demo Holy Pinto - Stenography Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go Township - Leap Year Autumn Creatures - Blue Forest Look Alive - Translucent Awkward Age - We Could Be Anywhere Suffer Along  - Closure EP When Thieves Are About - Senescence Casino Smoker - Two Post Season - Hollowed Out Hearts Family Bike - Nobody\'s Business // The Best Sleep Signalfeide - Occupation Poetry selfish ways - faith in reality Little Pants - The Little EP Hunter Gardner - Clap When I Clap Night Trip - Demos Michael Deej - Ataraxia xCROSSBEARERx -  This is the Beginning Whateverer - Bend This Way to the Egress - Tin Can Alley Emergency Protocol - Silent Sounds Birmingham Six - Move On Major League - There\'s Nothing Wrong with Me Microwave - Stovall Rigoletto - Kid Helcaraxë / Dumal - Raise the Hammer And We Are Them - City of Ghosts Remambran - Drawing Out Endeavor - s/t Ribbonhead - Solid Gold Demo EP myrrh myrrh - Peter Criss​/​Until SICKWALT - s/t EP Evangelina + the Boys - Evangelina + the Boys Remainders - Fine Exits Harsh Realms - PØLP Gutter Snipe - The Truth Remainders - Split w/ Barons Buffalo Buffalo - Coping Systems Crafter - Pioneer Days Desolate x Create - Sleep Boy In A Stitch - Demo Ex-Breathers - EXBX Drawback - To Live Honestly Burrows - Beneath Vermin Founders - s/t EP Wonderboy - Diary of a Lonely Man Keep - Hypnosis for Sleep Big Awesome - Foliage In Leagues - Life & Limb The Haunting Presence - s/t EP Kenny Darms - The World is a Place/Everything About You (Remix) Misery Signals - Sunlifter / Like Yesterday Tim the Walrus - Fits The Picture Of Dorian Gray - Radioactive Adam Reid and the In-Betweens - Ghost Towns and Graveyards EP Valet - I Guess I\'ll Wait I\'m Glad It\'s You - June Fairlane / Ringfinger - Split 12 District - Fragments Kicking Up Cinders - About Belonging Static Scene - Self-Titled EP Sundials - Kick Moment Of Truth Zine - Moment Of Truth Mixtape Brick Top - Demo Haverford - Kermode Walle - Pies en el asfalto / Julio, fui tan abajo. Pero no hay fondo Vero - Look What God Did Darren Panelli - Repossess My Bones Haverford - Alaskan Summer Makeshift  Shelters - Something So Personal Dog Years - We Thought We Were So Cool Full Intent - Untitled Home Haunt - Go No Sleep Records - A Comp for Mom Banner Year - People Ruin Everything Aniqatia - Erratics Moose Blood - I’ll Keep you in mind from time to time… Rise - Darkness Breeds, Light Deceives Return - Rivers Underground Kenny Darms - Everything About You Bear Fight - s/t EP Take Today - Communiques, Volume One Diet - Palindrome Rock Bottom - Moral Decay Lonely States - XII​.​XII Various Artists - The Extermination 2 Cross Eyed - Demo The Black Sox Scandal - Things You Can\'t Take Back Crying - Get Olde/Second Wind Magnificent Birds of Prey / The Defused - Split City Limits / Not the Bees! - split Moonlight Desires - Frankie Goes to Hamilton Another Dead Rockstar - Aloha Mr Hand Gin War - Half of a Good Plan Tanks - I Have Nothing, But At Least That\'s Something Kenny Darms - Shine On(2014) Light The Avenue - The Earth Was Blue, But There Was No God Sun God - Audrey Break Anchor/Lawskof - Split Sunning, Haverford, Scout and Kwyjibo - Sunning, Haverford, Scout and Kwyjibo Going In Armslength - Split with Ghost Stories The Geeks - Still Not In This Alone Provenance - Low Spirits Forgotten Generation - Move On EP Bystander - Consequences The Reveling - Consider Everything An Experiment Oklahoma Car Crash - I Know Better Now EP Frank Cervantes - Terror of the Heart Lee Corey Oswald - Regards City of Iron - Closed Caskets Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties - We Don\'t Have Each Other Jagged Visions - Beyond The Serpent\'s Touch Drew Thomson - Digital 7 inch Young and Heartless - The Pull of Gravity Values - .​.​.​Just Getting Warmed Up The Getdowns - Fading Fast Dugout - Where There Used To Be Meaning Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - s/t Mildura - If Not Okay Unloved - Ruin Struckout - You Are Not Good At This Midtown - Forget What You Know (vinyl) Comrades - Safekeeper Friend of My Youth - S/T Manmade Mountains - We Were There Tiffany Mynon - Love Vendor Blak - II Losing Season - Spin Pipe Dreams - I Thought That I Should Tell You Ex-Breathers / Woozy / Ovlov / Gnarwhal - Split The Black Sox Scandal - Forward Progress Purity - Little Park The DeFused - Autumn Tree Exit, Emergency - In Memory Of Who I Used To Be Conheartist - Surrounded By Drones Halfling - - Bullet Treatment - What More Do You Want? (reissue) KYR - Closer to Death Ni'Andre - s/t LP An Honest Mistake - #THEACOUSTICALBUM This Way to the Egress - Fairy Tale of New York Centerfield - Time and Physical Decay Diet - I Can\'t Sit Still Flatleaver - Music for Bar Fighting and Love Making Olive Drab - The Big Sleep Shut Mouth - Stiff as a Board Endeavor/Servants - Endeavor/Servants Split The Sixties - There It Isn\'t No Sleep Records - No Sleep Till the Holidays 2 Sicky - Touch Me I\'m Sicky Home Again - Leave Punishment Due - Sentenced to Serve Misery Signals - Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (vinyl remaster) On Your Marks - Time Lock The Danger O\'s - 2 digital 7 inches Bystander - We Were Kids - EP Runaway Brother - Summer/Autumn Kissing Booth - Through Tragedy - Chasing the Past Pill Friends - Fade Into Nothing Safe Hands/A Secret Death - Split I Am The Avalanche - Wolverines (vinyl & b-sides) Withered Old Beast - s/t Stick Together - No More Second Chances City Limits - Moxie Happy Trendy - Die Young Art of the Enemy - Devastate Provenance - Tunnel Vision Bivouac - Sink/Swim EP DOCTAKH - Ridin\' Wit Tha Devil Fairlane - Spot Beneath The Earth Case Race - Case Race ep Modern Chemistry - Self Help Guide for Being Alone Hounds - Nine Swords A Ghost Orchestra - Vile Hymns Distance - No Funeral Hourglass - Hrbrs/Hourglass Split And We Are Them - Align The Mischief Kids - s/t Columbus - s/t Emblems - Solstice Autobiography of Man - Villains EP Porches / LVL UP - Split 7 Internal Corrosion - Deficit Adventures / Run Forever - Split Museum Mouth - Golden Bones Casino Sundae - Retrograde G Money - 100 Black Mics/Problem Latent States - demo RACHEL KLINE - DEMONS EP Ella Sophia - Dreaming of the World Undressed Boy Crush / Starry Cat - Split No TV Tonight!! - Notes Armslength - Intents and Ends Recycled Earth - Assignment : Survivial Off The Charts - Cold Stone Home Dethroned - Dark Years 20 Days In - Propagation L\'Étranger - Ambivalence Frealane  - Never too Late Starvation - S/T LP Búho - Beggars Teeth Remastered Dishon - Love Temptations Backslashes and Bad Ideas - There\'s No Place Like Home EP BurnYourBridges - Demo 4//8//12 Joey Affatato - The Scavenger Mindshank - Demonstration MMXIII Microwave - When The Fever Breaks No Sleep Records - Warehouse Sessions 12 Black Birds - Falling in Waves Haverford - Spirit Bear Abyssus - The Intensivist Cardinal - Uncertainty Post Season - Remember Myrrh Myrrh - Liminal 7 Softspeak Records - Fest 12 Split CAPA - This is the Dead Land This is Cactus Land Tired Minds - Good Life A Halo Called Fred - We Love You All Frankie Hustle - Chasing Paper 3 The Spartan Tone - 2013 Sampler Commonwealth  - Music For People Kenny Darms - That 70\'s Sound The Hideout - The Hideout and Dynamite Dynamite Split 7 The Old Line - Wasting Time At Sea Echo Base - Some Legacy Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats - On this very Evening The Fossil Youth - Empty Handed, Heavy Hearted Sainthood Reps - Headswell Esther Sesay - Time After Time JET - Alive For Real Fortunate Fall - A Death Related Party Kenny Pickett - Artpocalypse Values - The Person I Chose To Be Horse Thieves and Other Villains - 1825 ep Live Alive - Keep Me Awake Chris Dalziel Band - Chris Dalziel Band EP Toro & McHale - Not Enough For Me EP Flowermouth - Nostalgia Crazy Kyle and the Folk Revival  - Tears Of Our Fathers, Sins Of Our Sons Hatetosayit - I\'m Still Drinking Flowermouth - Flowermouth/Postblue split Avenue Kings - Last Laugh Parkwood - Letting go Finland - The Difference Between Us Techno Jellyfish - Let\'s Go Pill Friends - Blessed Suffering Bart Thrupp - Monkey King Featherweight - Exhaustion Forbirds - The Late Homecomings SFFC - Short & Sweet EP R.L. Kelly / Alex G - Split Big Spin - I Miss My Friends b/w They Take Away Helcaraxë - Resurrection Through Cartridge Diet - Diet Silverton - Silverton The Brigantines - Ocean Park The Final Statement - Chapters Nervous System - 2013 Demo Forgotten Generation - Summer Sampler Not the Bees! - The Sammy Hagar Eating Dinner at His Mother\'s House EP Sovereignties - ...Stepped Out HRBRS - Always Holding On Japan For - Traveller Cemetery Friends - Ruin & Devour The Swellers - The Light Under Closed Doors Sun God - Wander Tawny Peaks - Self Titled Vinyl 12 This Way to the Egress - Show Me the Way to Go Home Tawny Peaks/Brightside - Split 7 Ryan Schurman & Pat Oberg - Draped in Panic Let it Out Matt - The weEP Downside + Legions - Downside/Legions Split Doctor Coldtouch - Secrets A City Of Birds - Self-Titled I Surrender Records - Our Voices Poor Lily - Vuxola Chicken Brothers - Self Titled Darkside Journey - Tactical Metal (EP) Delusions Of Grand Street - Wired Wrong Losing Season - Raised Into Ruin Placeholder - I Don\'t Need Forgiveness Close Talker - So Am I Word Travels Fast - Spin Bad News Bears - Battle Scars Rat Spoon - Eat Fast Food Banner Year - Kings Of Queen Street The Islands And The Sea - Are Dead Left Astray - Confines. Everybody Talks - L\'appel du Vide The Grass Eaters - Ninja Pride The Steve Mallon Band - Nobody's Hero This Way to the Egress - Mighty Seed De Nada - De Nada End In Victory / Home Again - Split mowgli - St. Thomas Demo Plaster Lungs - I Am The Worst Of These Living With Lions - Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me Sundials - Always Whatever (A Collection of Songs from 2009-2012) Drug Church - Paul Walker Post War - Houses With High Ceilings EP Sunburster - Solar BiPolar LEEDS - LEEDS Coming Clean/Thieves - Coming Clean/Thieves Split Mercy! Mid-Atlantic - The Farewell EP Stepbrothers - Rapid Change​/​/​Breeds Grow Bileblaster - Weapons of Mass Distraction American Honey - Darkest Hours Frank Cervantes - The Only Light Wolfbite - Taken 3: Revenge of the Wolf Dinz - Audible Chaos elvis depressedly - holo pleasures Dethroned - Drifted Away The Getdowns - Getting Wild Twenty30 - Spring 2012 EP Ark of the Covenant - Self Harvest Adventures - Clear My Head With You Is the Man Alive? - Is the Man Alive? Grandview - Absolutely Nothing (vinyl) Random Holiday - Batten Down The Hatches & Random Holiday Let it Out Matt - Some Things Are Not In My Control EP Myrrh Myrrh - Ghostwood - EP The Gator - Amateur Cartography Vales - Wilt And Rise Safeplace - Little Terror Xerxes - Would You Understand? Nomad - 自殺 Such Hounds - I Hate Summer Seth - Shadows In Light Twenty30 - Crawl Passengers - 2013 Demo Welter - On the Floor The Full Moon - Mantra Karmic Slave - Serendipity EP Hourglass - Split with Caminos I Am Waves - Void Bullet Treatment - Ex-Breathers Various Artists - Stay Sweet Fest Split Shotgun No Blitz - Letters to Myself Little World - 2 Song EP Brookfield - This Past Year Heavy Hands - Lights Out EP Adam Reid and the In-Betweens - Self-Titled Only Sin Deep - Crumbled From Ghosts - Between The Storms This Way to the Egress - Clarence MASSIVER - Self-Titled Perpetual Heat - Self-Titled Perpetual Heat - Soft Slope Apart From This - In Gloom Globe & Beast - Grandfather\'s Axe Magnificent Birds of Prey - s/t EP SFFC - Better Off On My Own Castronova - In Real Life Gutless Wonder - March Perspectives - Blind Setbacks - S/T Let it Go - Modern Atlas Wolfbite - Second Helping Museum Mouth - U R WHO U LET DIE Ex-Breathers - Collision Highlight Of The Night - Chemistry Wooden Hez - Children\'s Parade Mary Mary Quite Contrary / The Drunkest Girl - Of Human Bonding No Sleep Records - No Sleep Till the Holidays Automatic Habit - Merry Christmas, Don\'t Come Home Vinnie Caruana - City By The Sea Wrist Rocket - We\'re The Best At Quitting Perdition - 9 Tracks Kassette Cemetery Friends - s/t Shell Complex - Aggravated Assault Endeavor - Steadfast Oklahoma Car Crash / Rebecca Vs. Mexico - Split Sad Boys - Sad Boys 7 Cloakroom - Infinity Braid / Balance and Composure - Split Maplethorpe - The EP Finland - Different Weather John Warren and the Tin Can Collective - We Still Got All Summer Terror Clocks - I Unearthed a Skull The Ground - Logistics Burn your Bridges - Hollow Minds The Wonder Years - Sleeping on Trash Batten Down The Hatches - Batten Down The Hatches Random Holiday Split EP Automatic Habit - Two Songs, Zero Dollars Nuclear Santa Claust - Order of the New Age Coming Clean - Sing Loud Scan the Sky - Dear Hope THE LATER DATES - ALL ALONG (EP) The Danger O\'s - Present a Sequence Teen Suicide - Goblin Problems Hemphill & Co. Presents - Tribute Vessels - Black Teeth Run For It - Better Days Beyond The Aurora - Realms Gerald Kielburger - Sand Sharks EP The Brigantines - Ned\'s Web Minka - s/t EP Letters Home - Take Your Time EP Gutless Wonder - Split with Class Picture Team Goldie - Going Out Living An Honest Mistake - This Hari Raya Rocks! Mossbreaker - Separation Anxiety And We Are Them - The Swindle E.P. Verses Narrow - Verses Narrow Christi International - Balance: Teachings with The Guides Christi International - Compassion: Teachings with The Guides Joey Affatato - Wasted Time...Stupid Mistakes Christi International - Truth: Teachings with The Guides Christi International - Sleep: Teachings with The Guides Buried - The Only Promise Silver Snakes - Winter Songs Lower Lands - Socialise With Closed Eyes LŸNCH PIGS - CHEAP SLEAZE Waiting for Henry - Ghosts & Compromise The Paris Funds - Lion Battle Underground Communique Records - Fest Friends! Broadway Calls / Mixtapes - Vision Quest Horse Thieves and Other Villains - Mighty A Better Class of Criminal - The Here and Now Jericho Road Worship - The City On A Hill Project Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects - At Her Majesty\'s Command We Present: Anchorhead/Cardinal - Split Passengers - Where We Belong EP Agitator - Bleak The Breaks - On The Road EP Haverford - Wisdom Lost Monuments - Save Your Breath / Monuments 2012 Split Avenue Kings - Burn This Town Major League - Hard Feelings Forgotten Generation - Abandon Ship The Somebodys - Modern Romance Sunburster - s/t cassette The Shell Corporation / The Mighty Fine - Split Know Your Saints - Great Apes 7 Captain, We\'re Sinking - The Future is Cancelled Karmic Slave - Demo Underground Communique Records - Standup Mixtape Vol. 2 I Am Waves - Bella Monte EP Gladstone - EP Electric Arms - Tattooed Infamous The Haverchucks - Direct Hit! / Haverchucks Split Backslashes and Bad Ideas - Nothing Left To Give EP Starving Arts - Beneath Our Promised Futures EP City Surgical - Dilaudid Day A City of Birds - Ambitions D-Notez - Still Harmonizing the South Tigers Jaw - Belongs to the Dead Vinyl Amor Jones - Just Cuz Grim Legion - Uholy Resurrection David Liebe Hart Band - David Liebe Hart Band Run For Cover Records - 2012 Summer Sampler Kick Back Tomorrow - Selfish Dreamers Kenny Darms - You Make Me Feel The Brigantines - Vacation! Starvation/Negative Reinforcement - Split Dishon - Think RNB Mixtape Arcade Made - We Were Famous Snakewing / Easy Action - Split 7-Inch Annelids - Songs My Wife Likes Send Away Stranger - Foxing Split 7 Craig Allen - Ready To Fall Halfling - Faded Thought Sundials - When I Couldn\'t Breathe This is Your Life - Before We Fade Away Quiet Clouds - Songs of Acceptance Ex-Breathers/Atrocitus - Split LP No TV Tonight - American Excess EP Miles Orion Butler - Go Lightly EP Silver Snakes - Old Light The Pugilist - The Light of Lonliness D\'Arcy - EP Pour The Pirate Sherry - Never Mind The Wait Life outside the diamond - s/t Two Cities - Little Ghosts Man the Change - Defeated Zigman Bird - Yes Not the Bees! - Another Hour to Burn Daniel Miles & Happy Hour - Fireside Lullabies Vol. 2 Delusions Of Grand Street - Out to Sea Beforehand - Time Songs Carrion Star - A Foul Farewell Gorgeous/For The Hell Of It/Ex-Breathers/Repo Man - 4-Way Split White Fields/Perspectives - Split Furthest From Fame - Heartwork Counselor - Rebuild Helcaraxë - Children of Ygg 3AM Tokyo - Ass on the Floor Teeth For Traps - Teeth For Traps Matchsticks - Signed Sincerely Dads - American Radass Underground Communique Records - Standup Mixtape Vol. 1 Dugout - On Our Own No Sleep Records - Summer 2012 Sampler Oklahoma Car Crash - The Good War Ship Me Overseas - Summer Legs Taking the Chance - Get Up and Go Like Wild - Carry On Speak Easy - Contender / Gift Unsinkable Molly Brown - Split with Break Anchor Cold Youth - Wanderer THE BEER BURGLARS - NATIONAL BEER DAY e.p. Enabler - All Hail The Void Dawn of Humans - Blurst Of The Birdfish Hold Tight! - Blizzard Of \'96 Teen Demon - Mean Screamin\' The Weight - Prisoners Of The Flock Takeaway - Jack Stop It EP Secret Photos - Layers Man the Change - Faded EP Horse Thieves and Other Villains - Manifest Destiny Viv Savage - Modern Blues Silver Snakes - Pictures of a Floating World (vinyl) PJ Bond/Brian Bond - Split LP Crazy Spirit - s/t LP Distance - Half Of What You See HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS - Go Home! Anasazi - Attic Noise Goodnight Moon - Stages Heartwell - Certainty of Change Coming Clean - Drive Safe Annelids - I Misc. You Poor Lily - Three Songs EP HEROES - The Compassion Bullet Treatment - Designated Vol. 2 Sparrows - Grey Night Owls - Dearly Helcaraxë - Red Dragon Anne - Power Exchange The Wonder Years / Stay Ahead Of The Weather - Punk is Dead, Get a Job WICCA PHA$E $PRING$ ETERNAL - Bite My Ear Ma Jolie - ...Compared to Giants WAKE - WAKE Teen Demon - Clean Dreamin\' Your Favorite Trainwreck - Your Favorite Trainwreck Vinyl LP IntraDK feat. XoVos - iPhone iDrone Horcrux - The Dark Mark Shepherds - Insult to Injury EP Old World Accordions - Gary Sredzienski In the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse Visit - Here's To Who We Used To Be The Brigantines - Sunset Motel 40 Satellites - Demo 2012 BOXER - Undertow Shell Complex - Demo 2012 Teen Demon - Not Alone Living Laser  - Versus Pigs Bastard Cut - How to Spot a Bastard Stick Together - Surviving The Times Shook Ones - Run For Cover Subscription Singles #6 Melissa & Lou - Read My Heart Topshelf / No Sleep Records - 2,995 Miles Between Us CAPA - Shallow Towers Those Mockingbirds - Coast To Coast Tigers Jaw/Black Clouds - Split Before You - The Whisper Lake EP Greylines - Somewhere Behind Hold Tight! - Boundaries Our City Skyline - Bankrupt EP Necrocomiccon - Mjolnir for Nothing Verses Narrow - EP Banquets - American Things Disengage - Expressions (Japan Release) Kenny Darms - I\'ve Got to Feel Your Love Kill Wealthy Dowager - No Presents for Christmas Nothing Wrong - Storm's a Brewin Provider - Wasteland Punishment Due - split with Provider Punishment Due - Final Breath EP Jim Gaven - Forever in Love The Pessimist Hangs the Optimist - You See All Kinds of Things When You Are The Only One Awake Secret Photos - Notes to You Necrocomiccon - Welcome to Hello Avra - In Other People\'s Eyes Cue the Sunrise, Saul - EP Hazards - The Barrens Pour The Pirate Sherry - Pour The Pirate Sherry EP Fight or Flight - The Green Door Almost There - Abandon The Sinking Ship For My Own - Visions The Party Faithful - Gold Light To Emerald City - Skylark Pilots in Orbit - Did You Grow Up Too Fast? The Danger O\'s - Play Their Hits Sheep & the Shears - Sheep & the Shears EP Museum Mouth - Sexy But Not Happy Sundials/Tatlins Tower - Split The Friendship Lounge - TFL EP Rain Over Battle - These Rocks In Our Bodies Good Times - Shorter.Faster.Radder Kill Wealthy Dowager - That\'s Bad Ass! 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The Lords of Liechtenstein - Economics of an Empty Stomach Leadhead - feed the enemy Agitator - walls closing in Desert Neighbor - I Haven\'t Always Been Like This Dads - Brush Your Teeth ;) TS & The Past Haunts - Caveman Rock This Way To The Egress - This Delicious Cabaret Ryan Gaughan - Letters to the Murder The Anderson Stingrays - Rock \'N\' Roll Party in Space Amleah - NoiseOsaurus Rex Oscar Albis Rodriguez - Big Day EP A Scent Like Wolves - Holding Hands with Fake Reality Mike Hotter - Misericordia The Putz - Beach Bound Here\'s to Our Friends - D.I.A. 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Open Grave - Fear Mike McCarry - The Bring Me Down LP Law of the Sea - Lost The Nipples - Live In Mary Jane Carl Elizondo - Pieces of Eight Wrench In The Works - Decrease/Increase Fiction Reform - Revelation In The Palms Of The Weak Falcon - Disappear On Twelve Systems - The Tiger Mysticism E.P. 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Attica! - Napalm and Nitrogen Kill Wealthy Dowager - Demo Love Ocean - When Summer Comes Crucifixionhammer - Graveyardlust Nocturnal Blood - Invocation Of Spirits Burning Empires - Burning Empires 7 Inch Helcaraxë / Ascended - Split 7 Nocturnal Blood - True Spirit Of Old... The Devil\'s Horns Kill The Matador - animate ep Alarmcaster - S/T Deathbeds - No Funeral All We Are - Things That Matter Chancius - Wabi Sabi Eric Hill Band - Above The Sky Martin Nutley - Transparent Passengers The Perennial - Dissension Stop Motion Skyline - I\'ve Been Home All Along Summer People - Good Problems The Full Moon - Through The Blinds Dreadnok Ripper - Dreadnok Ripper AIDS Free - God Loves Rock n\' Roll EP Jeremy Brock & friends - Don\'t Blame Jose Cuervo For My Illness: A Collection of Songs From 2005-2009 Amleah - The Firefly Design Communipaw - Self-titled Signals Under Seas - Currents The Precious Few - The Precious Few Ash Monday - Scream At The Sky Dead Set on Destruction - Bloody Noses, Dead Sparrows Adam Reid and the In-Betweens - a furnace black and broken Young Hearts - Nowhere Kids EP Marathon - Live At The Furnace The Scarred - At Half Mast Balance and Composure - Only Boundaries Seasick - Ennui Dobermann Cult - Fuck Your Scene, Kid Volume 2 The Clawed Frog - Kaleidoscope (full-length) Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw Vinyl Attic Dancers - Baby Teeth Spectral Empire - When The Only Ones Left Standing Are Statues Dead Pegasus - Dead Pegasus Helcaraxë/Father Befouled - Ruination of the Heavenly Communion Overload - We Live Here and Now I Am Alaska - To Elude the Architect Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire EP Incendiary - Crusade Melissa Rae - Waylaid Rip It Up - Rip It Up / Stressed Out Split 25 Ta Life - Strength Integrity Brotherhood Homewrecker - Portrait Of Nothing Memphis Graham - Memphis Graham Morgan Tomas - Deeper EP Robots And Empire - Color Touches Elder - Reflect Roebus One - Reflections of Goodbye Overise - Sampler 2009 Jesse Gimbel - Letting Go Before I Begin Take Today - Between You & Me Officer Roseland - Stimulus Package Bullet Treatment - Designated Vol. 1 For the Love Of - Not on my watch Diementia - Tears Of Blood Helcaraxë - Broadsword Tora Brava - Escape From Wonderland Greater Visions - Greater Themes Attica! Attica! - Dead Skin/Dried Blood Vinyl Anchor Down - Steel to Dust Sky Hy - Head Between The Speakers No Sleep Records - No Sleep Till Christmas Heart Racer - Demo The Wonder Years/All Or Nothing - Distances Reflect - ...The Hourglass End Pilot Cloud - In Transition Killin\' It - Split with Thriller THRILLER - SELF TITLED Impartial Dismemberment - Personification of a Killer Baby\'s Mama Drama - The Incredible EP Everyone Everywhere - A Lot of Weird People Standing Around Annelids - Binomial Nomenclature Mild Winter - Postcards and Letters Internal Corrosion - No Reason to live No Reason to Die FLESHTEMPLE - Too Numb To Cum Minnesota\'s Calling - s/t Torchbearer - 2008 Demo Johnny Booth - Sagua EP Scream Hello - Art Of The Underground Singles Series Vol 35 The Honor System - demo Makabert fynd / Nice Idiot - Fuck Your Scene, Kid. Volume 1. Makabert fynd / Nice Idiot SPLIT Carl Elizondo - The Tomes Of Lore Hollow-Point - EL MULO DE HOMBRE Evacuate - s/t LP De La Hoya - The Sound of Our Own Decay Killing California - Bones and Sand Cold Snap - Untitled EP So Much For Sweet Talk - Curiosity Wrench In The Works - Lost Art Of Heaping Coal X One Way X / Youth of Strength - Split LP Nitad - Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindras Sig Själv The Honor System - Single File Olehole - Holemole Jena Berlin - This is Yours as Much as It is Mine The Procedure - The Ancestor\'s Tale BEHEAD THE LAMB - Messiahlation Seasick - Ouroboros Hostage Calm - Lens Balance and Composure - I just want to be pure Various Artists - java x macha Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw Greg Baldwin & The Aesthetics - Same Old Song Regain the Heart Condemned - Global Chemotherapy Incendiary - Amongst The Filth Psykotisk/Vredgad - Split Boy Girl Sleepover - Even Monsters Have Bad Dreams I Am Alaska - A Day in a Life Stab You in the Head and Eat Your Face Off - Herbs Get Wet They and the Children - Home Capital - Homefront Vinyl Capital - Signal Corps Vinyl Augment - Augment MAD MIC presents Lyrical Lunatic - Destructive Lyricism Vol. 1. Hosted by Dj Vlad Blood In/Blood Out - Hopeless and Heartless Destroying The Machine - Existence Lies Beneath Dead Tired - We\'re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Scream Hello - Smart & Stupid Smartbomb - Chaos and Lawlessness Hans the Double - Vessels Title Fight - Kingston Mysterious Mysteries - s/t EP Helcaraxë - No God To Save You Undercover Bonobos - No One's Ark RSO - row Young Hearts - The Fight EP Life Is Here - You're Welcome, Goodbye Scream Hello - Everything is Always Still Happening Jason Myles Goss - Dreamland (Live EP) New Bruises / Stolen Bikes Ride Faster - SPLIT Sirena - Kiss it Goodbye New Bruises - Goodbye Middle Class Killing California - Goin\' South Make Do And Mend - We\'re All Just Living Racing Exit 13 - All We Need Hostage Calm - Demo 2007 L.A. Bloodbath - The L.A. Massacre Red Leader Records - Happy Birthday Claire 10 inch Things We Say - Our Decisions Unit 731 - A Plague Upon Humanity Robots and Empire - Omnivore Various Artists - Generic Insight Radio, Volume 1 Strength Behind Tears - Bridges Between Us Alive At Last / Supreme Commander - split Drawn A Blank - Look Alive! Between the Wars - Death and the Sea The New Dress - Where Our Failures Are Seasick - Awakenings In Shepherds Arms - Self titled/ In Shepherds Arms Nakatomi Plaza - frog octopus wolf ep Hellhole - S/T 7 Ambitions - No Limits 7 inch Joshua James - Fields and Floods The Geeks - Every Time We Fall Mother Night - Lifestyle/Deathstyle At All Costs - Direction Bury The Masses - Blindfolds For Bedlam Brawls Crazy Switch - The Best of Crazy Switch Colin of Arabia/Palehorse - split CD Bullet Treatment - The Mistake Endast - Odds Against Tomorrow Blood Stands Still - Tomorrow The World The Embassy - A Culmination of Our Efforts EP The Flash Attacks - Pray for Death Ambitions - Question The Kisscut - The War Will Still Be Here Tomorrow EP In Search Of - In Search Of With Honor - The Journey Jason Soroka - Winter Brings Silence Between the Wars - Less We Believe AJ - Carnival of Gonorrhea Helcaraxë - Triumph & Revenge X One Way X - s/t LP The Procedure - Shift Pacific