Requesting a Mixing Quote

The mixing process can be quite different from album to album. So in order to get you an accurate quote, I typically request a little extra information about the recording. If you're looking for more information on a mixing job with Azimuth, here's some of the info that I'll need:
  1. The number of songs on your album.
  2. A rough idea of the total running time.
  3. A description of how many raw tracks you have (for example, "We have 8 drum mics, 2 rhythm guitars, 1 lead guitar, 2 bass signals, and 4 vocal tracks.")
  4. In what format are the projects (Pro-Tools, Garage Band, Logic, etc)?
  5. Do you plan to need any effects applied during mixing (examples: guitar delay, vocal tuning, etc)?
  6. Will there be any need to edit or fix raw takes (correcting timing or mistakes, that kind of thing)?
Just drop these details into an E-mail and you'll get a response with a quote within the day!